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About Anderson International, LLC

Anderson International, LLC was founded by the late Ollie P. Anderson Jr. in 2001. Mr. Anderson was a retired career member of the Senior Foreign Service and a retired U.S. Army Military Intelligence Officer.

Based in Owings, Maryland, Anderson International, LLC provides extensive expertise in helping businesses, organizations, and government agencies manage their operations in terms of development, security, marketing strategy, international relations, and communications. Our team has over years of experience in the field of cyber intelligence, foreign service, military affairs, and telecommunications.

We understand that the changing global environment requires every organization to keep up to date with their systems, protocols, and strategies in order for them to grow and become successful. This is where our team can help you. With our vast knowledge when it comes to meeting your organization’s unique needs, you can guarantee to have professionals who can work with you in optimizing your processes regardless of the scope, breadth, cost, or schedule.

We are a proud supporter of the Veteran Owned Business Project.

Mission Statement

We stand poised to provide a tailored, managed, professional solution to your challenging and complex business scenarios. We provide honesty, integrity and professional services while keeping abreast of cutting-edge technology in order to meet the requirements of today’s global environment.

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